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Join the newest digital Medical life.

Pharma pay coin , aims to change the world Medical life in to easier with the digital system , across crypto paying built in NFT’s and Defi tokens.

What is Pharma Pay Coin?

A blockchain-based project

To introduce widespread tokenisation into the mainstream, Pharma Coin built the platform to easily create and develop personal, corporate, start-up and financial tokens

Supported by Medical Pharmaceutical & health insurance companies.

At the beginning of its journey, Pharma Coin connects more than 200 of the world's top medical institutions, pharmacy and health insurance companies.

Fundamental values and cyclical payments

To back Pharma Coin by its fundamental value, PRP token is based on the most efficient blockchain uses like transparency, value storage, payments, and regular cyclical payment

Tool for everyone

Changing the world with the personal, DeFi and NFT tokens for everyone, Pharma Coin allows you to build and manage tokens as easily as a social media profile today.

Transparency and Legitimacy

To ensure long term development and legitimacy, the Pharma Coin team is fully transparent while the project operates under European Union regulations.

Scalable platform and exchange

To allow token building for every person, corporation, and project, PRP created its ecosystem based on Ethereum and its own tokens exchange, developer terminal

Why PRP Token is the next big thing?

PRP is a central currency

PRP is a reference currency for all tokens in the network. By holding PRP, the investor is holding part of every token ever created with the Pharma Pay Coin

PRP powers its own exchange

All of the tokens created with Pharma Pay Coin will only be traded to PRP Token at its own exchange.

Stake PRP and earn cyclical payments

PRP can be staked to earn cyclical payments from the PRP Exchange trading and crowdfunding fees

PRP powers the Token Terminal

The PRP token will be used to create and manage tokens in the PRP Terminal

Join the PRP Token sale!

You may join the Launchpad and invest in the PRP Token. The purchased PRP Tokens will be immediately granted to your Pharma Pay Coin account, and you will be able to track their value in the live mode. Investors will be free to withdraw and trade tokens after the end of the Launchpad ICO period

Round 5

Launchpad Round 5 is live
Price of 0.45 USD per 1 PRP token




2,364,540 PRP raised

1,064,043 USD raised

Round 5 Token Pricing





Invest in the PRP Token

The value should not be less than $100

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Share the PRP Launchpad ICO with friends. All you need do is to send your unique reflink via private message, post it in your social media, video or article in your community. We will reward you for every investor made from your recommendation.

15% of PRP

For example, if you have referred 1 person to join us you will get 15% of tokens he buy as a PRP tokens

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Top PRP affiliates

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Sherif 237474
Abdullah Mohammed 150000
Mohammed bashar 142200
RMAAD 95157.3
Alih 49069.1
Ahmed ali 43395
Romochkamorozov 33000
Mahmoud 16769.2
Abdulaziz 15536.2
Patya.popov 15000

Create your unique ref link

You will be able to track your referral earnings and value in real time, while the withdrawals of the earned ETH and PRP will be available from the 9th of May 2021.

PRP Launchpad ICO Timeline Dates

1th June 2021

Announcement of the partnership with the Cigna

Announcement of the partnership with the Allianz Care

8th June 2021

15th June 2021

Announcement of the partnership with the Pharmaceuticals

Announcement of the partnership with the R-Pharm

22th June 2021

29th June 2021

Announcement of the partnership with the Biocad

you will get your PRP coin by your metamask wallet by the end of launchpad

30th June 2021

Pharma Pay Coin global team Updating