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Swap your Pharma Pay Coins from Waves to the Ethereum blockchain

We believe that Pharma Pay Coin should be accessible for everyone. This is why the PRP tokens are based at two blockchains - Waves and Ethereum. Initially, Pharma Pays and investors can sign up to the fast and easy Waves blockchain, but if they want to use more advanced features and wallets, they can use the Ethereum blockchain. You may switch your PRP to the Ethereum blockchain

and access sites such as Kanga Exchange, CoinTiger, Uniswap or MetaMask wallet using the token swap. The whole operation will give you exactly the same amount and value of Pharma Pay Coins as the Waves blockchain.

How to Swap?

Establishing an Ethereum Wallet

To swap your tokens and use them outside of the Waves Exchange, you will need to create your Pharma Pay Coin Ethereum Wallet. You may use your custom one, MetaMask, or deposit your Pharma Pay Coins directly into a supported exchange such as CoinTiger.

MetaMask wallet download -> https://metamask.io/

Swapping Pharma Pay Coin

After setting up your MetaMask wallet or signing up at a supported exchange, please find your Ethereum deposit address to receive your Ethereum-based Pharma Pay Coin. The sample address will look like the below:


Please note that your Ethereum address works as your IBAN account number.

Please copy and paste your Ethereum wallet address in the transaction description. The address was obtained in step 2 of this guide. You will receive your Pharma Pay Coins at the Ethereum wallet specified in the description field. The address will look like this sample one:


After the transaction is sent, you will receive the Pharma Pay Coins at your Ethereum wallet or exchange in less than 6 hours.In some cases, the transaction may take longer.

If you are unsure about the process, please contact the Pharma Pay Coin support at:


Adding your Pharma Pay Coins into MetaMask

If you are using MetaMask 6 hours after sending your Pharma Pay Coins from the Waves Exchange, you will need to add Pharma Pay Coins as the custom token. This step should be completed only by MetaMask users.

Choose “Custom Token” and copy and paste the Token Contract Address written below: